Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Getting Started

I suppose first things first is Hello, and welcome to our blog! And when I say our, of course I mean my, because there is no we at Agile Katas, not really. But we can stick with the fiction around that, we are Kablammo Software, producing a multitude of ill-conceived games and applications with no cost-benefit analysis, and you are the programmers lucky enough to implement the features. I am Sean O'Toole, writer and maintainer of Agile Katas, creator of the katas, and managing director of the real Kablammo Software- which doesn't mean anything at all.

I wanted to do a Getting Started style post on it's own to begin with, so I could get a feel for how this thing works- what the format is like, how to make it look at least somewhat presentable. Writing about the act of starting a blog also means I can keep future posts relatively clear of cruft and focus on what the subject of those posts will be.

The kind of things you're going to find here are similar to what you'd find on our social media platforms currently- posts about new katas, new solutions, and updated features to existing katas. But the blogging platform also allows more flexibility in going into more depth about some other characteristics of the creation of the katas- I have more than 140 characters to play with here! As such, there will also be posts that go into more depth around the solutions to katas, the way katas are chosen and the changing paradigms you'll see in different katas as I have learnt from mistakes and worked with people smarter than myself.

Another key area I want to post about is supporting material for some of the more "difficult" features in the katas- stuff that might not be so obvious and can't really be explained by the business in the fiction we have at Agile Katas. The idea that sparked the creation of the blog in the first place is the second feature of Rock Paper Scissors, where we add a rudimentary AI to play against.

Now, the first time I ever imagined writing any kind of artificial intelligence (And I use that term extremely loosely here), I was at a complete loss. Where would I even begin? Well, that's the completely true, you begin at Google, of course. I wanted some kind of reference for the kata itself though, and whilst there is a lot of existing reading around the web, I didn't want to link anywhere that I didn't have control, as links rot with time, and I might not always have time to find alternatives.

Thus the idea for starting a blog to amalgamate that knowledge (or a very limited subset of that knowledge) become a reality... with this post, I suppose. So, if you can follow this kind of thing then do that, it looks really cool when you see people are enjoying the work you put out.

I wanted something cool to say at the end that I could sign all of my posts with like... "Peace Out" or something, but nothing is coming to me.

Stay tuned!

That'll do for now.

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